Our team has compiled some tools and resources to make more collaborative work in this area feasible and accessible. This list of references is free and open for your use. In providing access to this reference list, we wish to facilitate and encourage scholarship on the topics related to medical Spanish education and linguistic access to care. 

We kindly request that if you choose to use our list of references in your scholarly work (e.g., research poster, manuscript, editorial, or other presentation or publication), that you please cite our website appropriately in recognition of the voluntary collaborative work that is invested in curating and updating this list of references. Suggested citation:

Ortega P, Shin T, Hardin K, Alemán M, Diamond L, Pérez N, Pérez-Cordón C, Zapién-Hidalgo A, Martínez G. National Association of Medical Spanish Compiled Reference List Revised April 1, 2019.

Did we miss a relevant reference or do you have a recent contribution to the literature that should be considered for the Medical Spanish Taskforce's reference list? Please send us a message through our "Contact us" page; please include the following information:

 - Citation in APA format (with web link, if available, to facilitate access) 
 - A brief 1-2 line explanation of significance that describes why the reference should be included
 - Please state in what category or categories you propose for the citation to be included.